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Women’s Hour – BBC Radio 4

Last year I featured on BBC Radio 4′s Woman’s Hour, where they were looking at handwriting versus typing and I was interviewed about learning to touch type.

When you think about it, it’s fascinating how things have changed over a reasonably short time.

Stenography – will it evolve or become a forgotten art?

Stenography? Do you even know what this means?

We have all seen those courtroom dramas on TV and somewhere in the corner of the screen there is a man or woman sitting poured over an odd looking machine typing nineteen to the dozen, that person is known as a Stenographer.

Street Party meets the Olympics & Come Dine With me

As the Jubilee weekend drew closer, the residents of our street decided that we couldn’t let it pass uncelebrated and …. well any excuse for a party.  In a time where we hear nothing but doom and gloom and having a busy life being self employed and working all hours.

Transcription: DIY or Outsource?

I became a freelance virtual PA over 10 years ago.  Previous to that I had worked as a senior level PA within many large organisations, but I decided to take the plunge into self-employment, hoping there would be enough work to keep me busy…and I’m glad to say there has!  In recent times I have been increasingly busy, which is great, but it has also surprised me in some ways.

Why outsourcing is more cost effective for Solicitors

It’s that time of the year when my solicitors are considering cover while their secretaries are away on holiday.

We have been receiving lots of enquiries from solicitors looking to outsource projects from typing up witness statements, telephone attendance notes, file notes, letters, letters of appointment, emails, file opening forms to looking after your diary, internet research and proofreading. 

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